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Vital Wheat Gluten!

The BP Gluten Replacer
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Cost Effective and Easy Replacement for
Vital Wheat Gluten

Easy to Use

Simple 1:1 Conversion for Most Applications

Cost Effective

Protect your bakery from volatile commodity prices and ingredient shortages

Clean Label/Non-GMO

Utilizes latest in enzyme technology


Requires Minimal Process Adjustments

Let’s face it – the price of vital wheat gluten is getting out of hand.  With growing demand and strains on international logistics, we are in the midst of a full on vital wheat gluten crisis.

We listened to what our bakery partners needed.  Now more than ever, during a gluten crisis, they needed an easy-to-use product, that could be used interchangeably with vital wheat gluten.  With a simple ingredient statement consisting of wheat flour and enzymes, for many of our bakery partners, our BP Gluten Replacer doesn’t require any ingredient statement changes.

You’ll find it is well suited for all types of yeast-raised doughs, and performs exceptionally well in Kaiser rolls, bagels, pan breads, and whole wheat and high fiber breads.  

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